5 Important Things To Know About Gingivitis

Gingivitis, unfortunately, is a very common problem for people of all ages and demographics. It begins as plaque formation on teeth, which, when left untreated, turns into tartar. This tartar is really tough on gums, leaving them red, swollen and tender. To avoid or fight gingivitis, you need to know more about it.

1. You Need To Know The Symptoms

If you have this condition, you’ll know something is wrong. Gingivitis isn’t invisible, nor does it develop inconspicuously. Watch out for signs of gum disease, such as a dark red coloring along the gums where they meet teeth, inflamed gums, painful feelings and bleeding during brushing. You might also notice a foul odor and eventually, a recession of the gum line.

2. What Causes Gingivitis

Generally, this oral disease begins to set in when the teeth and gums aren’t properly cared for. Under such conditions, bacteria are allowed to grow and flourish, attacking the soft and vulnerable gums. The plaque missed by your toothbrush festers in your mouth, eventually leading to gum complications and occasionally even periodontitis, a severe infection that can eventually invade your jaw bone.

3. How You May Be At Greater Risk

While improper brushing can easily lead to gum problems, there are other issues that may be going on in your mouth. They can contribute to a slew of oral health issues. If you use tobacco products, for example, you’re putting yourself at higher risk. Lacking proper nutrition can also wreak havoc on your gums, as will certain medications, other diseases, and genetic predispositions.

Age and hormonal changes, too, could lead to gum problems; thus, it becomes necessary to examine all possible influences in your life as you combat this disease.

4. What Your Dentist Will Do For You

Dentists don’t like to see gum disease, but unfortunately, over 3 million patients are diagnosed with it every year. Your Jacksonville dentist will get into your teeth and gums, cleaning away the plaque that threatens your oral health. If you’re prone to gum conditions, you may need more frequent annual cleanings. Your dentist will also likely recommend you use an electric toothbrush, Farnham Dentistry – 11528 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223, recommends electric toothbrushes to all of their patients. They can be more effective than a manual brush. They may also recommend a specific oral rinse to act as a counter-agent to bacteria and if your condition is very serious, surgery may be in order.

5. How Gingivitis Can Be Prevented

As you might suspect, preventing the disease from developing in the first place is preferential to treating it. In order to prevent gum disease, you must brush, floss and rinse diligently. If you’re more prone to gum issues, take extra care of both your teeth and gums. Be careful what you eat and drink and always clean up your mouth after meals, even if you’re dining out. Also, it’s imperative that you see your dentist at least once a year. Cleanings, in-depth inspections, and X-rays will all work in your favor as you fend off this nagging oral threat.

Gum disease is a serious problem and can lead to all kinds of complications. Know what’s going on inside your mouth and know what you should do about the various conditions that may develop there. Of course, a good dentist is your best defense in the fight for oral health.

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